Scoutwest Inc., is a software development firm based near the small - but fast growing - city of Monument, Colorado situated on the Front Range of the great Rocky Mountains.

We are a strong company with low overhead, a commitment to doing things the right way, with a nice place to live. This is a good combination. Scoutwest is an organization where people feel comfortable and motivated to excel beyond the status quo. Our background in developing products for global markets allows us to uniquely see the issues companies face, and develop products that address those issues in a practical way.

We currently produce products called Standard Time, and Standard Issue. These products solve real problems in the areas of product development and project management. If you develop products, or work in a consulting role, these products are essential tools for the job.

Our mission is to build products useful for project management that people can actually use on a daily basis. There are many companies that produce project management products, but most are so poorly implemented that people simply do not enjoy using them. Ours are different. They are simple and elegant, just like our company! It's really a whole new era in simplicity.

Should you desire to work for Scoutwest, and live here in the Rocky Mountains, here is what you can expect. There are 54 mountains higher than 14,000 feet. Adventurous people climb them all, although some are rated highly technical and require rope and equipment. There is some permanent snow on these mountains, but it is usually melted by June. Snow resumes in the mountains by October which gives a nice 5 month window of adventure. Of course there are thousands of camping and back-country opportunities in the state. Usually within a few minutes one can find a secluded back-country place to hike, ride mountain bikes or just relax.


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