Standard Time® 2022 Overview: Navigation

From For those of you wanting an overview of Standard Time® 2022 here it is. You can actually download it. It is included in Standard Time 2021 and you can download today and begin using it. I’m going to give just a very brief overview of the navigation, the icons, the commands that you see here.

In other videos we’ll get deeper into each of these areas of the program. But for now, just a very brief overview.

Let’s start with the Home ribbon here. You see two home icons, Home and Home (All Views). The Home page allows you to click and ad icons to create a customized launching off page. The same thing is true of the Home (All Views) except that the icons are preinstalled and you can simply click and go.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at each of the ribbons here, and the commands in there. And to give you a flavor and overview of what’s in Standard Time 2022.

Start with the File menu, you have Database that allow you to connect to a database or perform operations on a database. You can log into Standard Time with your employee name, you can print the active content out to the printer or print preview. The active content can be refreshed every so many number of minutes to keep it up to date.

You can create new jobs, projects, work orders and tasks. Import records like time and materials from another system. And then export out to Excel, Word and other file formats. There are program options that you may want to set here. You can learn more about Standard Time, go to the website, see the version of Standard Time the copyright notice. And then here, exit the program.

Back up to the Home ribbon, again we have the Home icon and the Home (All Views). You can also refresh the active content, whatever you’re looking at, at this time. Search any view. Again, learn more about Standard Time. Log in to Standard Time with your username or change your password.

Up in the insert menu you can create new jobs, projects, work orders, time log records, tasks that you might perform work on or scan; materials that you might incur during execution of a job. Time off requests are for vacations, sick, comp time and for the accrual of hours. You can bill your client for time and materials, set up a template for materials that you might incur frequently.

The Timer menu lets you start your own timer or scan barcodes to start and stop the timer; stop your timer or create a new time log record.

The Tools ribbon lets you create a new job or project, work order, customers to bill time and materials to. View your organizational layout with work groups and employees. The type of work you do, approving time and expenses for other employees. And then you have integration for Microsoft® Project®, QuickBooks® and scripts that you might write to enhance Standard Time.

The Reports menu you have list of all your stock reports or you can open a report from any location. Publish custom reports from a file server and schedule any report to run on a periodic basis.

The View menu has the same Home and Home (All Views) choices. You can restore all the views back to defaults. You can look at the properties for any selected item that you may have clicked on. Filter the data that you see and then adjust or alter the settings for any view.

That’s pretty much it. That is an overview of Standard Time 2022. You can download, take a look at it right now and I hope you like it!


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