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Customer Login and App


Hello, consultants!  My name’s Mike.  Seen me around? Well, I’m back with a great consulting tip just for you! It’s called Standard Time.

In Standard Time, there’s a way to let your customers see the statuses of all their projects.

You know… you’re working projects for clients… and they want statuses… like every friggin’ day!

So here’s a way they can get their own statuses anytime they want.

The first way is a customer login page in Standard Time.

Customers log in… see all their projects… and the time and expenses that you’ve logged.

The second way is through a special Android app called ProjectBot.

With ProjectBot, all the statuses comes right down to their smartphone.

Bam!  Just like that! It’s there.  They call that magic!

Download Standard Time today… and get your timesheet magic! You’re not going to regret it! My names Mike, we’ll catch you next time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTfc9bH5_DM

DCAA Timesheet Compliance



Hey, this is Mike!  I’ve got a DCAA timesheet to show you.

That’s right… a timesheet for Defense Contract Audit Agency.  DCAA.



It’s called Standard Time.  And I found it simple and straightforward.


Are you a government contractor that needs DCAA compliance?  Standard Time is your answer.


Here’s what you get… All employees must enter their time daily. And no one can enter it for them. Notes are required, electronic signatures are there, project assignments for each job, timesheet approvals; it’s all on there.


And there’s more.  Check this out online.  You will like it!


I’m Mike, tell me what you think! We’ll catch you next time.


Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53qVda-3nyQ


Zombie gets consulting gig


There is a consulting gig for everyone, even Zombies. Use Standard Time to track hours.

Customize Client Invoices



Hey guys, Mike from Standard Time®.  Timesheets, that is, thanks for coming back.

Are you a consultant?  Or work for a consulting firm?

If so, you probably send invoices to your clients.  Electronic invoices, right?  PDF’s?

Did you know that within Standard Time you can actually produce customized invoices? You heard that right; customized invoices just for your company.

You can put your company logo right on the invoice. You can rearrange things to match your corporate style; company name, address, city, state.

You can show as much detail as you want or just summaries.  Easy!

I found Standard Time to be a great consulting tool.

My name’s Mike!  I hope you’ll give Standard Time a try today!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSbHpLDaNp0

Project manager is so screwed


This project manager is so screwed. He needs Standard Time® but doesn't know it yet. Only a zombie apocalypse will save him now... or implementing the project tracking capabilities of Standard Time. Learn how to get your project on track. Learn how to get your tasks under control. Get good project management techniques or shave your head and dance for tips in the subway. :)

Download today!

Consultant Billing Rates


Hello Consultants!

This is a timesheet.  And this is a consultant.  And another, and another.

They all use the same Standard Time® time tracking app.

But do they all have the same client billing rates?


Each consultant can have their own rate.  And each consultant can even have different rates for each project.  And different roles.

Ah, but what if one consultant uses the Web interface, and another uses the iOS?  Or Android?

Doesn’t matter.

How about the Windows client app?

Doesn’t matter!  Standard Time handles it all.  Each consultant bills uniquely for the projects they work on.

That’s the magic of Standard Time.  The consultant’s favorite timesheet.

Click to download… today!

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmY4uFomXk4


Zombie project manager gets canned


Send this to all your project manager friends.  Don't let this happen to them.

Blocks of Support Time



Hello consultants!  My name’s Mike with Standard Time®. And I’m a consultant like you.

Do you sell blocks of support time to your clients?  I’m talking about selling blocks of hours for supporting networks, or computers, or equipment?

A lot of consulting firms do this.

But did you know you can do it within Standard Time?  Standard Time is a great new timesheet with lots of options.

So here we’re selling 250 hours to Pioneer Mechanical

1,000 hours to Basic Printing

And 500 hours to Simple Design

When the hours are gone, we sell another block.  Standard Time handles this like a dream!

Great for tech consulting.

Download your free copy today, let me know what you think. Do it today for real! My name is Mike, we’ll catch you next time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMxQyzfdLDo

Barcode Scanning


Hey, there!  I’m Mike with Standard Time®.

I have a completely new idea for manufacturing and assembly line shops.

Barcode scanning! That’s right; let’s take a look.

Do you ever wonder how long it takes to assemble a product or how long each work order takes?

Try barcoding your work orders, and then scanning them with Standard Time.

That’s right!  Standard Time has a barcode interface.

As your work order goes down the line, scan it with a barcode reader.

When you do, Standard Time starts and stops a timer.  It keeps track of the time.

You’ll be surprised!

I’m Mike with Standard Time. Download your free copy today and let me know what you think.  We’ll see you next time.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbmbnSS58Ls



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