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Standard Time is Everywhere!

Standard Time is showing up everywhere!  haha  Just thought I'd share.  :)

Actually, I love the name.  It's an old standard everyone knows.  The product lives up to the cultural standard we've all known.  It's a good timesheet.  With good features companies can rely on.  It runs 24/7 365 without a complaint.  You just know it's always going to be there.  An American icon.


antique standard time clock        standard time clock 2


But don't take these antiques as meaning Standard Time is old.  It's modern and fresh every year.  We update with the latest components and stay on top of new developments.  It runs on all the browsers.  Android and iOS.  And all version of Windows.  How many timesheet apps can say that?

But still... it's nice to see the name venerated in American culture.  You just know this is a standard you can trust.  An app that keeps going day after day, and one you can stake your organization on.

Some customers have run this app for decades.  It's that reliable.  To them it's like an old Ford that won't quit!  Of course we wish they would upgrade to the newest versions every year... but honestly who does that?  Certainly not everyone.  And that's okay.  They are getting their money's worth, and that makes us happy just knowing that.  :)

ST started with just a time log in 2000.  Then people started asking for a real timesheet.  Then QuickBooks and MS Project integration.  Oh, gosh!  By 2001 we had expense tracking.  Yippie!  But hey… what if we had project tasks and rollups?  And a full hierarchy of tasks with subprojects and all?  2002 it was done.  With Palm OS and Pocket PC apps.  Remember them?  We're big-city now!  PTO time off accurals came in version 3, back in 2005.  Hundreds of updates have occured since then.  In fact, every release has hundreds of little updates and bug fixes.  This is an obsession.  A sickness without a cure.  But it's all for you, the customer.  We're building an American icon that will survive for decades.

Hope you like it!

Send us your Standard Time clock photo's and we'll post them here.




Project Billing Rates For Client Invoicing


Hi, my name’s Mike.  And I’ve have a consulting tool that you’re going to like. It’s called Standard Time®.  Check this out. This is how Standard Time handles client billing processes.

So let’s say Allison is the project lead for an engineering project.  She’s going to bill out higher than Jim who is the engineer.  On a simpler project, a maintenance project, Phil who is the project lead;  he bills out at a lower rate.

Every project is different.

That’s probably how your consulting firm runs, right?  Well Standard Time runs the same way.

I found it a breeze to set up.  And after it’s set up, it runs … 24/7… 365.

You need to go to the website and download your free trial you won’t regret it. Hey, I’m Mike thanks so much for joining me.  I’ll catch you next time.  

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k3ET4TKqeo


Employee Availability Graph


Hi, my name is Mike and I’m with Standard Time® Timesheets.

I wanted to show you something today that you may have not be aware that Standard Time does. It can give you a graph to forecast all of your employee’s availability. So, for instance, let’s take this graph. We have allocated hours, time in months. Let’s say this is Josh’s availability. So we see in May that Josh has some time that we can put on some new projects. But in August, maybe not so much. This is like candy to engineering and consulting firms. You can’t run a business without it! And Standard Time makes it quick and easy.

I’m Mike thanks so much for joining me and we’ll catch you next time.


Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgaPdl6yVXQ 


Timesheets tasks



Hey guys, Mike with Standard Time.

Have you ever used Standard Time for their timesheets?  This is really cool.  Check this out.

When each of your employees opens up their timesheets their own personal tasks and projects pop up for them to work on.  Every single timesheet is different depending on what employee opens it. The cool thing is also these are synced to your employee’s mobile devices. That means no matter where they’re at, whether they’re in the field or wherever, they can open up, clock-in, and see what they have to work on. Pretty cool stuff.

When you get a chance download your free trial version whether it’s engineering, consulting or if you just want to us it for its awesome timesheets. You’re going to like it!

Hey I’m Mike. Thanks for joining me, we’ll catch you next time!


Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3EoL8WdLgk


Standard Time Android and iOS Apps



Hi, I’m Mike with Standard Time. Want to know what’s new with Standard Time?

As you probably know, Standard Time is a bonzer new timesheet.

But what’s new in Standard Time? Apps! Let me show you.

This bad boy runs on Android and iOS.

So here you have your time that you can track your projects and your expense.  That’s whether you’re consulting… engineering… or just want to use it for the timesheet function.

You have all of your tasks. And get this.

A barcode. So you can assign barcodes for your tasks. So what you do is you take a picture and it starts the timer for that project. Pretty cool.

You can export all your stuff.

Get a summary of your work.

You can also sync with the cloud or with the desktop.

Download your copy at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store today.

I’m Mike with Standard Time… thanks for joining me and we’ll see you next time!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIbkf4SEXzc





A Day in the Life of Dan the IT Consultant

Every morning Dan wakes up ready to take on the day.

As an IT specialist he is on top of every minute of his workload. Dan stays on top of budgets, expenses for all of his projects and checks his employees with a quick look at his Standard Time desktop app.

Scanning his time with the barcode feature on his Standard Time app lets Dan keep close tabs on his progress and which web server he is currently working on. He can also invoice clients, track employee time, and manage mileage and expenses with Standard Time's advanced, simple-to-use features. Onsite or off site, or even off-line, Dan knows the status of all of his clients, employees and projects with just a glance.

Dan is just in time for his meeting with his big client to show his progress.

The client trusts Dan. Thanks to Standard Time's, ProjectBot, Dan's client knows that no time is being wasted and that his project will be completed in a timely fashion.

Standard Time keeps Dan organized, increases revenue, and most importantly keeps his clients happy.

Online, Off Line, Anytime. Standard Time.

IT jobs 

Dan checks his IT jobs when he arrives each day.

There are schedules, tasks, and customers to check.

What consulting app does Dan use?  Standard Time®

Download Now

Of course, Dan can check his progress throughout the day with an Android or iOS timekeeping app.


Android Timekeeping App

iOS Timekeepting App

Android Consulting App 
xxx  Scan an asset to start a timer.
View time and expenses at the touch of a button. xxx 
xxx  IT work is simple with a good timesheet app.  Why be tied to a terminal?

Project expenses are easy.  Tap and enter.

Sync with the cloud.


Dan is ready of his client.  The client trusts Dan.

And why not?   Dan uses Standard Time®.

The client meeting is about to begin.  Dan has every project and task ready.

This is going to work!


Seriously?  There's an app for Dan's IT clients?

Yep, ProjectBot lets them see the status of their projects.

Every task... time log... expense... and every invoice.

It's a done deal!  This project is ready to roll.

Standard Time® has it covered.

xxx  Shake hands and get this gig rolling.

Trust.  That's what make business work.

Download Now


Dan uses Standard Time® for every aspect of the project.


Employee status

Client billing rates


And even PTO time off accruals.  It's all there.

Need a timesheet app that makes you feel this good?

It's called Standard Time®.

xxx  Access it anywhere.
Online.  Offline.  Anytime!  Standard Time® xxx 



Watch the video below

Download Now

A day in the life of Dan, the IT consultant




Get Employees Submitting Timesheets On Time

I found a neat blog article about how to encourage employees to submit their timesheets on time.  See the link below.

It fit Standard Time® perfectly!

Everything in this blog post matches Standard Time.  And these are the exact points we encourage our customers with.  Funny how great minds think alike!

First off, why is it so important to get employees to submit their timesheets?  After all, your project managers probably already know the hours they will submit for each project.  So what's the big deal?

Well, if you are billing hours to clients, it's a huge deal!

Employees might miss invoice deadlines, since they may not know the exact timing of those invoices.  Employees forget their hours after some time passes.  Or, they may forget to submit them altogether!  Best to submit early and often.  In fact, some companies require daily submissions, and do not allow hours to be entered into future dates.  No more typing 8's across the timesheet on Monday morning.

DCAA compliance is one of those areas where timesheet etiquette is closely monitored.  No typing 8's.  No entering time for other employees.  No entering time for previous days.  You enter your hours on the day they occurred, or not at all!  Or you get your supervisor to do it.  Uggh.

Here's an outline of what you'll see at the blog below:

  1. Enter your time with the Standard Time Web Edition
  2. Use Windows, Web, Android, or iOS platforms
  3. Turn on reminders and email notifications
  4. Use Standard Time quick tasks to start and stop a timer
  5. Print a report or your timesheet page
  6. See only projects and tasks relevant to your job
  7. Use voice-to-text on your Android, iOS, or tablet
  8. See only tasks assigned to you

Blog article on findaccountingsoftware.com:



Overview on findaccountingsoftware.com:



We hope you found the article helpful.  And we hope you'll try those exact features in Standard Time.  Watch some videos here on the website, or feel free to ask us how!


Standard Time made TopTenReviews

Reasons why Standard Time made TopTenReviews.com

Dozens of different time-tracking software products are crowding into the market, and reviewer feedback is crucial in sorting out which ones provide the widest utility. We’re proud to say that Standard Time has been placed on TopTenReviews top ten list for time tracking software, noting, “Standard Time features practically every tool you'll need for proper time management.”

Extensive Enough for Enterprise-level Application

Standard Time extends its functions far beyond simple time-tracking. It allows users to create invoices, manage customer contact information, assign employees to specific projects, and even request time off. For enterprises with global operations, Standard Time takes care of all currency conversions and exchange rates, so invoicing remains streamlined.Standard Time’s versatility makes it a manager’s constant companion, since it organizes and monitors so many aspects of running a business. Unlike many enterprise-level products, Standard Time doesn’t engage in upselling or require the user to purchase different modules. All functions are included in the product. TopTenReviews points out that “from vacation hours to client reports, from presentations to overtime, this time tracking and management software can help organize your efforts and improve the bottom line.”

Customized Reporting

Time tracking in a business context almost always includes summarizing and reporting; managers and accounting offices need data to work with, and visual presentations are crucial for making presentations and justifying budgets. Standard Time can generate graphs and pie charts, filter reports with a single click, and present them on demand or automatically issue them at pre-determined times.

Simplicity for Individual Users

An increasing percentage of today’s workforce is made up of independent contractors, and their financial survival depends on tracking projects accurately. Standard Time provides pause and interrupt functions, Quick Tasks, and a clean user dashboard to keep track of daily and weekly jobs. Using this tool, a freelancer can generate invoices and safely store work expenses for calculating income tax.

Software Integration

The software developers at Scoutwest know that businesses use multiple programs, and a time tracking product needs to play nice with the software a company already has in place. Standard Time integrates with QuickBooks and Microsoft Project MPP files. Its DCAA compliant reports are easily exported to all common formats, including Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF, MS Outlook, among many others. Standard Time is even also available as an Android App.Standard Time’s complete suite of project management software inspired TopTenReviews to comment, “We were quite impressed with everything Standard Time has to offer.” The review emphasized Standard Time's completeness, and concluded by saying, “it is a powerful project management tool, and, if used correctly, can help improve productivity for your business.”



We Like to Waste Time at Work

Who doesn't?  Come on... fess up... everybody does it, even if you won't admit it.  Everybody wastes time at work.  Even if you are self-employed.

And we like it that way.  :)

I came across a recent infographic that illustrates this nicely.  See the link below.

Why are employees wasting time? - With time management software you can put and end to wasted time in the workplace and increase your productivity



What about Timesheets?

But as makers of timesheets and project management tools, I began wondering where this time is accounted for on the timesheet.  Is it posted against projects you are assigned to?  Or against a catch-all G&A project, like "Administration?"  Or is it not accounted for at all.

Not everybody uses an employee timesheet.  There are plenty of non-affiliated employees.  No timesheet.  No timekeeping.  No project tracking.  No project management.  That's fine, not every company or organization needs one.  And not every organization wants to know where their employee time is spent.  Ignorance is bliss!

We make the best timesheets in the world.  And we understand that not everybody uses them.  But you should consider downloading and checking this out, if for nothing more than to see where your employee time is going.  You might be surprised!

Also see: https://www.stdtime.com/top-ten-employee-time-wasters.htm


Build the Foundation, and Then the Castle

I've been advising a new company regarding Android app development, and of course when new companies start out there's a high degree of enthusiasm and a large number of ideas thrown about.  Problem is, those wild ideas can cloud the main focus of the company and product we intend to build.


Build the foundation of your company with time tracking and project management software to help you succeed.


The company was formed to build a simple Android app.  In fact, the name of the company suggests apps only.

But as the app came to life, so did the awesome ideas about what might come next.  We could do this!  We could do that!  Before long, the lowly app idea (which was awesome in it's own right) became overshadowed by everything else we could possibly do.  That is... until we realized what was happening.

Dude, this is beyond feature creep.  Let's just build the app like we said we would.

Moral of the story?  Build the foundation first... and then build the castle.




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