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Build the Foundation, and Then the Castle

I've been advising a new company regarding Android app development, and of course when new companies start out there's a high degree of enthusiasm and a large number of ideas thrown about.  Problem is, those wild ideas can cloud the main focus of the company and product we intend to build.


Build the foundation of your company with time tracking and project management software to help you succeed.


The company was formed to build a simple Android app.  In fact, the name of the company suggests apps only.

But as the app came to life, so did the awesome ideas about what might come next.  We could do this!  We could do that!  Before long, the lowly app idea (which was awesome in it's own right) became overshadowed by everything else we could possibly do.  That is... until we realized what was happening.

Dude, this is beyond feature creep.  Let's just build the app like we said we would.

Moral of the story?  Build the foundation first... and then build the castle.



How to bid a new project.

As the video describes, the most valuable thing you can do when bidding a project for a client is to include a comprehensive list of tasks. That tells the client that you know exactly what to do from start to finish, and down to the final detail. The bigger the list, the better. But beware of sandbagging to increase profits. The client will figure that out and you'll be in trouble. Follow these steps to bidding your next project.

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Why Use a Timesheet?

You may have landed here after asking yourself, "Why use a timesheet?" Why not just do your job as best you can and not worry about how many hours go toward this thing or that? Does it really help you do your job any better if you enter hours into a timesheet?

The answer may not apply to individual employees. They may not see any benefit to collecting timesheet hours. After all, they have jobs to do, and babysitting a timesheet may not be one of them. In fact, it feels a lot like added administrative work -- work they may see no benefit in. But employees don't run the company. They don't necessarily see the big picture benefit to the organization that employs them.

In the interest of brevity, here is a small list of reasons to use a timesheet. Several of these are covered in the video.

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Why Excel Timesheet templates may not be good for your business

The topics below are the biggest complaints people have against Excel timesheet templates. (We've been in business to hear them all.) Excel timesheets are certainly easy to put together, especially if you find a "good" template with all the totals you want. Just plug in your projects and employees, and you instantly get weekly totals! How can that be bad? Maybe not bad at all... or maybe the worst business decision you've ever made! The biggest issue is the first one below. If that one doesn't bother you, then you probably don't need to read the read. So just read that one and determine if you have anything to worry about.

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Project Timeline Software

Standard Time project timeline software - gantt chart - project management and productivity detailsThe image shows a typical project timeline from the tool. Better known as a Gantt chart, it shows several project time relationships. We'll discuss those relationships below. But, how does that benefit you? It helps you see when your projects and tasks are scheduled to begin. The graphical display immediately identifies one task from another.

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Vacation Tracking Software Overview

employee vacation tracking software - reason for time off, annual, comp time, military leave, personal time, sick time, trainingWitness a product that combines a simple employee timesheet with vacation tracking software to meet the need for employee time tracking! Employees simply enter their work hours and vacation time into the timesheet. Managers can approve them both. The image below shows time off policies for vacation tracking and other reasons.

Continue reading to discover the vacation tracking, time off tracking, employee vacation tracking of Standard Time.

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How to Read A Gantt Chart

how to read a gantt chart - a project management gantt chart shows project tasks and timelinesProducts like Microsoft Project and Standard Time® offer Gantt charts to show visual representations of project tasks. Gantt charts are optional, but valuable for project management. This article helps you read and understand them. Your project management knowledge will increase by knowing the anatomy of a Gantt chart. They are very easy to read and understand.

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