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I’m gonna show you a very simple way to track time on the shop floor with a barcode scanner, a tablet and Standard Time®. I’ve got a simple table here, paid about $80 for it, a barcode scanner $20. On the low-end you’re looking at $100, high-end $150 depending on the equipment you buy. That’s going to replace the traditional keyboard, mouse, work station, laptop, fat finger, fake entries, paper timesheets; all of that replaced by a simple barcode scanner. Let’s see how it works.

We’ll start by scanning the user name, job or work order and then a task. That’s it, that’s all I have to do. Now I can go off, start my job, timer will start and I’m now collecting time for the job I’m on and the status of that job. All that information goes into a shared database or computer that owners, managers, executives can use for KPIs, invoicing, reporting; anything you want to use the information for. It’s very simple and all collected with a simple barcode scanner.


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