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See more at: https://www.stdtime.com. I am going to unbox and setup this barcode scanner. And show you how you can us it on the shop-floor, in manufacturing with just a tablet and some barcode labels. To track time for employees, work orders, inventory all sorts of other things. You’ll notice this is the type of barcode scanner that is on a stand; which means you can simply pass the barcode labels under the scanner and it will automatically scan without pressing a button, which reduces some of the mishandling. Any time you pick up a barcode scanner and start scanning with it you have the potential of dropping it or mishandling or getting it dirty and breaking the device. The stand reduces some of that. Simply pass it under, automatically scan. I am going to go ahead and unbox, get started, show you how you can use in manufacturing on your shop-floor.

I’ve got the barcode scanner unboxed, set up and connected to a tablet over USB. This might be a typical scanning station for Standard Time®. We’ve got a $100 tablet and $40 scanner so we’re under $150. The information comes through the scanner, through the USB, into the tablet and then over WIFI to a server. So that managers and supervisors and dashboards that you might have on the shop-floor, update immediately.

Watch how easy it is to scan. I’m going to scan an employee name. Simply pass it under and it accepts. Now a job and a task. That’s all it takes to start a timer and let your manager know you’re working on this job at this time. When you complete you can come back and scan stop and that would stop the timer. That gives you a starting time and a stop time for every piece of work you do regardless of which job your working on. You can also scan inventory, materials, other things right here on this simple scanning station. The information goes directly into a server and the managers have it immediately. Very simple and easy.


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