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From http://www.stdtime.com/barcode.htm. I have been asked several times what type of barcode scanner can be used with Standard Time® when scanning time and materials on the shop floor for manufacturing and other purposes. I’m going to demonstrate an entry level barcode scanner that can be bought off of Amazon for anywhere from $20-$40. This is what you get when you go out there and type in barcode scanner and click on the first one.

What we’ve got here is a simple little scanner with a cradle. I’ve got it connected to an inexpensive tablet, which you can also buy on Amazon, through a USB hub. You really don’t need the keyboard and mouse although you can see the mouse here.

Presumably the employees would walk up to this and scan their user name to start. You can see BC accepts that, ignore the cartoon character; that’s a background screen on BC which you can replace. They would then scan the work order that they are working on. I’m passing it under the barcode scanner.

You might consider bolting these down or making them so that they can’t be handled. Because any time that you handle inexpensive equipment like this, you’re going to break it. And these are not going to last long. They are entry level items.

Next thing they might scan would be a task. That is enough to start the timer; you can see that BC has accepted that and the timer has started. That has put a new time entry into Standard Time; the employee is then off working on their job. They can then come back and stop that timer.

The thing I wanted to demonstrate is this entry level barcode scanner. Really not a bad little unit; I have used several of these and they do last quite a long time. They are not ruggedized for manufacturing so they will get you started. But you’ll want to upgrade to better units in the future. Hopefully this helps and gives you an idea of what type of scanner to buy. Really any scanner will work with Standard Time.

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