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From http://www.stdtime.com You may have seen Standard Time® videos where you can drag and drop task bars in the Gantt Chart to update your schedules. And you may have also noticed, or seen videos, where you go to the View menu, choose Project Resource Allocation and again drag and drop those task bars to update your resource allocation. Resource allocation is really just a fancy word for tasks that are scheduled for resources like employees, machines or assembly lines. Moving tasks around would update the resource allocation for selected resources. Did you also know that you can also go to the View menu, choose Calendar and drag and drop the same tasks that you see in the calendar? As I drag and drop those you notice that the Gantt Chart updates and the Resource Allocation bar chart also updates. Another way for you to reorganize or reschedule tasks so that your resources are not over allocated or under allocated. Again, you can drag and drop them here in the Gantt Chart or right in the calendar. Either way will update the resource allocation bar chart that you see here.

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