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Eversight Vision in Illinois, U.S.A. uses Standard Time barcoding to monitor the time cornea tissue remains outside of refrigeration. Lab technicians scan barcodes to indicate who is doing the work, and what work is being performed. The eye bank now knows exactly how long eye tissues is out of refrigeration, and how long each operation takes to perform.

Transcription-Hey guys, I’m Kathy. I’m Elsa and we are here at Eversight, IL to show you how we use Standard Time®.

Currently Standard Time is being used at this eye-bank to track the total amount of time corneal tissue is taken in and out of refrigeration.

One of the reasons why we would pull out a tissue is to evaluate it, self-comment and process it for different surgeons.

And this is really important because this is something that has not been measured at our eye-bank before. To try to determine the total amount of time each corneal tissue is out.

To show you how we do it; we will scan a user ID and then I can select different reasons why we pull it out. Like I said, evaluate it, or self-count it, sometimes we’ll OCT it, sometimes we’ll measure the thickness of the tissue, different processes here or if we need to self-count it versus just evaluate it. Then I’ll select a reason why, we’re warming up the tissue, I’ll scan it right here. It’s a very easy system to use, I’m already tracking about five different tissues right over here. It’s nice and easy to use.

It’s also a great system because it allows us to run reports. If we ever need to look at a specific task we’re able to do so. Thanks for joining us. Thanks!

Learn more at: http://www.stdtime.com/barcode.htm

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