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Manufacturing, engineering and service companies have dozens of active projects at any given time. There are usually project managers for those jobs, and employees assigned as resources.

I’m going to show you a manpower chart that graphically illustrates employee resource requirements.

As a project manager, you’ll simply create projects and tasks, set durations, and assign employees. The Gantt and manpower charts you’ll see come directly from those tasks.

Let’s have a look!

Before looking at the manpower charts I’m going to scroll through this Gantt chart and you can see actual raw materials that feed those charts. The wide blue bands are projects and then the actual tasks are underneath those. This is where the charts actually get the information to display.

I’m going to go to the View menu choose Projects Resource Allocation. Here I’m looking at the entire company showing bars for each week and then showing the manpower requirements for those weeks. In this case the company has the capacity of about 46 employees but we’re pretty under allocated here at 23, 13, 12 throughout the weeks. More tasks, more projects could be added to these employees; as you can see here from the chart.

Now I’m going to switch over to the Resource Requirements grid, which is very similar to this. It’s actually the same information but shown in a spread sheet style. You have your total allocated resources on this line, which is the same numbers that we saw earlier. The total capacity at about 46 employees and the percent allocated here. We can see we’re pretty under allocated on all these.

There are other charts that you might find interesting in this view. Like the Total allocated time for groups or for individual people. As you choose the items from the drop downs then you can configure this chart. So that you have other charts available to you like a task chart, a resource chart, availability chart and back to the resource requirements which is the manpower chart that I showed earlier.

These charts are getting the information from tasks. If I open up one of these tasks you’ll see they have start, finish times. In this case this is a milestone. But they do also have durations for each of the tasks. The bar charts will use the start, finish and durations for the charting of the manpower.

Again View, Project Resource Allocation, you can see the manpower requirements, compare that against your staffing.

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