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Hey, guys Mike with Standard Time thanks for joining me!  I have something that project managers are really gonna like.

It’s a feature in Standard Time called rollups.

I know I’ve said in the past Standard Time is more than just a timesheet; and that’s true! It also has a lot to do with project management. Check this out…

So you see how the Duration and Actual numbers total up at the project level?  Those are called rollups.

Anytime employees use the timesheet, values like this rollup so you can actually see your status at a glance.

Wanna keep your projects on task and on budget? Try Standard Time rollups. You won’t regret it!

I’m Mike and thanks for joining me. I’ll see you next time! 

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9iil3hH31o&feature=youtu.be


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