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In this video I’m going to take a look at a task management technique called resource allocation. In resource allocation you are looking into the future to see where you’re human and material resources are being used or allocated. In this case we’re going to specifically look at the number of resources required for a set of projects or tasks. Let’s take a look at Standard Time® on the screen.

Here in Standard Time® I’m using the resource allocation window in a sort-of modeless way out here on the outside. While I work on things in Standard Time the resource allocation window is waiting for some updates. I’m dragging some projects around, you can see the changes that occur in the resource allocation window to reflect those changes to the project; the bars are updating.

Just as a way of orientation – I happen to be looking at the resource requirements choice. There are other choices but the resource requirement allows me to see how many resources would be needed for a certain project or set of tasks. I happen to be looking at all projects for the in-house user work group. As those projects are slid around or moved around then you see the affect that it would have on resource allocation. I’m trying to find that sweet spot where the resource requirements meet my needs.

Let me show you how I configured this. I’ll close this window and reopen it so that you see. The first thing that you see in the Standard Time window is this Gantt chart and I configured that by going to the view menu and choosing columns. You can see Gantt here on the column on the right. If I click remove this is the natural state and you’ll see the columns you can put into view and Gantt is on the left. You’ll find it on the left, you’ll click add, then you’ll click move up and down and move it into position where ever you like it. That’s how I have it displayed here. Now you see the individual tasks; I can move them around, they update the resource allocation window. Which I can view by going to the View menu and choosing project resource allocation. Dragging those tasks around would then update that window.

From http://www.stdtime.com      


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