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Hey, guys, Mike with Standard Time®. Thanks for coming back. I’ve got a project management feature I think you’re going to like. I know I love it!

Have you ever had an employee who likes to ‘camp out’ on certain projects? Maybe they like it or are comfortable with it? Whatever the case may be you may not have the budget for it. Maybe your client hasn’t given you enough time for it; you need to ship it out. Well, I found a great solution in the Standard Time timesheet.

Within your timesheet you can set percentage levels for each task within the project.  When employees go over that percentage, they get a popup that says finish up or you’ll get locked out.

That’s how Standard Time keeps projects on task.

Download your free version today. I’m Mike, thanks for joining me. See you next time!

Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LncbFaHGxUo


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