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If you’ve been on our YouTube channel you’ll know that Standard Time®, which you see in the background, is a nice time and materials tracker, project manager. For shop floor, manufacturing, inventory control, those sorts of things. I’m going to demonstrate a completely different feature which is tool control. If you have specialized tools on the shop floor that you would like to keep track of, you need a tool tracker. That’s what we’re going to take a look at.

There are barcodes that you can use to scan a tool out and assign that to an operator. And then scan back in to bring the tool back into stock. Now you have some tool accountability. Operators scan them out, scan them back in, managers know who scanned them out, when they were scanned out, where they are and then when the tool returns then it’s placed back into stock. In addition to the time and materials, project management, inventory, those sorts of things we’re going to take a look at the tool controls features in Standard Time.

In Standard Time® we’re going to want to check some tools in and out. Let’s go ahead and press F4 to open the barcode window. You know this is where you would scan time and expenses for your project tasks and so on, work orders. But in this case, for this video, we’re going to work with tools and tool control.

Let’s scan a couple of tools to see their status. We’ve got this tool is in stock and available and that one also available. Let’s go ahead and check these out. I’m going to start by scanning a user name and then again I’ll scan a tool that is in stock. Let’s go ahead and check that tool out; that is now checked out by Buzz and the second tool is also checked out.

These tools are now in my care; I’m expected to bring them back in somewhat the same shape that I got them from. Let’s take a look at the admin side of this, see what an administrator would see for these tools. I’m going to go up to the tools menu and choose tool control. You see a lot of other items in this tools menu like projects, clients, users, categories, inventory, a lot of other kind of expenses and meetings and things like that. There’s a lot more you can do here. But let’s take a look at tool control.

This tool that I just checked out has a name, a code, a description, it was a model number, serial number, the location for it. The number of items I have on hand, the cost I have for that and this tool is now checked out by Buzz. It has some actual hours that go along with when I check in and out. We have a nice little history of when this tool was checked in and out and by whom. Down at the bottom you’ve got Preventative Maintenance. I want to do a PM every 480 hours. The last one was done by Frank. You have the next preventative maintenance and the last one and some notes that you would perform when performing a PM.

Scrolling back up here I can take a look at another one of these that I’ve just checked out. A name, a code that I could scan, I could also scan a serial number. You’ve got this checked out by Buzz, got some actual hours there and a little history of when this was checked in and out. That’s what the admin would see. All the tools listed here, the locations, the actual hours, who checked them in and out and a nice little history. Enter all your tools and then start checking them in and out.

Let’s go back over here to Standard Time. Press F4 and we can see this was checked out by Buzz. I’m going to scan my user name and check this back in. It’s now in stock and available and this one is now checked in and available. So I’ve brought the tools back, put them back in the tool bin and they are now available for check out. Back up to tools, tools control and this is where you can administer all your tools. Nice little check in and out feature in Standard Time that goes along with your time and expenses for your project tracking.

For more information: http://www.stdtime.com      


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