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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pricing work?

You purchase licenses for each user who will interact with the software. Users can be administrators, managers, or normal employees.

How can we contact you?

We are U.S. based, and answer emails and calls quickly. Start by using the Contact Page.

Also, connect with us on YouTubeTwitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Do you host the timesheet or do we?

That choice is yours. You can either host on your own servers, or have us do it.

What is the difference between self-hosted on-premise, and your hosting?

When you self-host, you get both Windows and Web Editions. When we host, only the Web Edition is offered. In either case, you also get iOS and Android apps that can sync. There is a also a cost difference, which you can see at the store.

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Is this the best time tracking and timesheet program available?

Yes. It is a world leader, with two decades of hardcore battle-tested usage. Yet it is still fresh and new, and easy to use.

I'm a consultant. Can I bill clients with this?

You can bill projects by user rates, roles, categories, milestones, or Option Year Funding for government contracts.

I'm in an engineering company. Can I track projects?

Project management is a built in. You'll see task assignments, resource allocation, project triangles, and more.

I just want to track employee time to projects. Can I do that?

Yes. Employees see only the projects they're assigned to in their timesheets. They can't see other employee hours unless they are administrators.

I'm in a government agency. Can I track employee time?

Employee timesheets are tuned for ease of use and management oversight. Every hour is accounted for and reportable.

Do I need to install this onto every workstation?

No, you could deploy the Web Timesheet on a server and let employees reach it with a browser. Or, you could deploy the Windows Timesheet on some workstations, and enjoy a slightly richer user experience. You can also sync with Android and iOS smartphones.

Does this run on smartphones and tablets?

Android and iOS. These smartphone editions sync with the cloud or desktop. Plus, you can run it on any Windows tablet.

Is this just a timesheet, or is there project management?

Yes, project management. You'll find project hierarchies, resource allocation, employee availability, project proposals, assignment by skill, project triangles, and more. Don't worry; there's enough to support your PM's and PMO.

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