There are several ways to print barcode labels for manufacturing, assembly line, and employee jobs.

The videos below describe these ways.

Browse through the options below and click a video that best describes how you want to print barcode labels. Bonus points for watching all the videos to absorb more information on printing and scanning options.

Once you print your labels, you can scan them to start a timer. Begin by scanning a username. The system acknowledges the scan. Then scan a task or project. The timer should start. Look in the time log in ST for a list of your scan records. Now you're collecting some serious intel!



1. Simplest method: Print barcode labels with MS Word


Print Barcode Labels with MS Word

Just download a barcode font that can be used in MS Word. Type the usernames you'll scan. Then type the projects and tasks. Each item will likely need asterisk characters (*) at the beginning and the end. Now select this text and choose the barcode font you downloaded earlier. You instantly see barcode labels. Now print the document. The results will be a sheet you can hand out to your operators and employees that they can scan from.

Of course, this a manual operation, but it is simple and easy to start with. Scroll down for automated methods.

Click here for the video to print barcode labels in MS Word





2. Already got tasks? Print barcode labels using a report


Print barcode labels for selected project


If you already have projects and tasks in ST, you can print them using a special report. You can enter tasks manually using the Project Wizard in ST, or create tasks using a program called Barcode Builder. In either case, this video is for cases where those tasks are already in place, and you just need a nice page you can hand to employees who will scan them.

Click here for a video to print project tasks using a special report





3. Most advanced: Print sequential barcode labels on sticky labels


Print sequential labels on Avery® Template 5160®


You may need to print sequential barcode labels on Avery® stickers. This method uses Avery® Template 5160® stickers that come 30 to a sheet. You specify the print parameters, and click Print. You'll create both the ST tasks and barcode labels at the same time.

Click to print sequential labels on Avery® Template 5160® stickers





Wait! I've already got pre-printed barcode labels!

Don't need to print anything? Already got pre-printed labels? You should have said something in the first place!

Don't sweat it, we got you covered.

Turns out, you can either manually create  project tasks to represent those barcode labels, or automate the process. You will simply scan barcode labels to automate the process of creating project tasks. Our Barcode Builder program does that for you. And actually, so does the Project Wizard in ST. Just choose File, Project Wizard in ST and scan existing barcodes into each line of the task list.


Print Barcode Labels with MS Word

Click here to automate the creation of project tasks





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