Want a modern timesheet, rather than more of the same old horse feed? You found it here.

A lot of what you find on the web is horse feed. They got a nice website, but no real support and not a very deep product. Sure, you could probably live on horse feed, but do you really want to?


consultants love ST

"We're tired of the same old horse feed"

"Gotcha.  Try this instead"


The gas buggies in this video are heading out to stdtime.com for a modern timesheet. Perhaps you got here the same way. Good on you. Let's talk timesheets. Watch the comical video below and scroll down for a discussion. This timesheet might work for you.



More than just a timesheet

What? I thought this was a timesheet. It is, but there's more to it than just some project and task dropdowns. That's pretty-much what you find on the web, so that's why you're here looking at ST. Because it's more than just a timesheet.

Take a step back and consider how your company runs. You need more than just a few dropdowns to manage everything. Consider the projects you engage in. The clients you interact with and invoice regularly. Your project management needs. Employee availability and resource allocation. PTO accruals and time off tracking. Once you think about it, you realize you need a more robust timesheet, not just a little web time tracker. That's probably why you're frustrated with what shows up on the web, and probably why you're still looking.


consultants love ST

"We couldn't find anything that worked for us"



Just the right fit for your organization

If you're doing engineering, consulting, or manufacturing you will find a perfect fit. Of course, many other organizations use ST too. It's not limited to any special interest group.


consultants love ST

"We track time to projects"


You will find that projects are the central focal point of this timesheet. Employees track time to projects. They enter hours into the timesheet, or use a single-click timer, or use a time tracking app. In any case, everything is project based. So if you are project oriented, or project centric, or project anything this is the one for you.

Once you align yourself to the "projectness" of this solution, you find the fit perfect. You natually migrate into subprojects and tasks. Now you're breaking projects into phases and subsystems. Employees pick a task and run with it until it's complete, and then they move on. When the tasks are all done, the project is complete. You invoice clients, mark it inactive, and hit the next one. That is how money is made and businesses flourish. You've figured that out, so this timesheet works for you.


consultants love ST

"Plus, we use subprojects and tasks"


Download and try the timesheet

You landed here for a reason. That reason is to download and try this timesheet. Install it onto a few workstations. Connect it to SQL Express. Let others share your projects. Track some hours. They move into the deeper features you know you'll need. Everything will seem new and unfamiliar at first, but soon will become natural and normal for your line of work. That's how it always happens.


consultants love ST

"We downloaded"

"Trust me, it's not horse feed"



Organizer: This way to the Standard Time® website. stdtime.com

Driver: We want the most modern time tracking app

Organizer: Idiot! Standard Time is the most modern timesheet and time tracking app out there

Driver: Can we write off mileage for gas buggies?

Organizer: Not for another 75 years

Horse and buggy: Does Standard Time have horse feed and axle grease?

Impatient driver: Out of the way, old timer!

Organizer: This app is for project tracking, buddy. Best app for consultants and project managers

Driver: Who says?

Organizer: Henry Gantt

Driver: Who?

Organizer: Google it


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