Define Time Management: Studying how one works and uses the limited resource of time.

The average professional has 25 - 50 new things to juggle every day. 20 new things is a light day. Every one of those pesky little things demand your attention and time. By the end of the avergae day, you're whipped. How do you manage your time to avoid the daily grind? Got any tips?

Watch the video and then scroll down for four tips on how not to get whipped by time management.



Four tips on how not to get whipped by time management

Feeling whipped at the end of every day? Maybe you have too much work and not enough play. Consider the four tips below.

But first, get a good time tracking app like ST. It helps manage project and tasks so you can see the progress you're making, and get that sense of fullfillment that comes with completion and accomplishment. The whole office can use it at once.


1. Achieve something

Achieving someting is called success. It gives you a nice little adrenaline boost. You feel good. You're ready for the next task. Actually, even starting a long dreaded task makes you feel good. Just starting something makes you feel like it's half over. It's all psychological.


2. Plan something

Planning and dreaming take you out of the trenches and into the fantasy world where everything is possible. That act alone lifts the yoke off your neck for a minute and let's you fly. You can't pull the plow indefinitely; sometimes you need a little break. Planning your next big idea does that, even if you never follow through on those plans. Usually, strategic plans rattle around in your head for weeks or years until they finally come to fruition. And every time you think of them, they lift you up a little.


3. Delegate something

Handing a task off to someone else can be a huge stress reliever. Throw it over the fence and forget about it. Wheeu, that's out of my hair!

You can't throw everything over the fence o ryou'll look like a slacker. Coworkers will start to see a trend they don't care for. But there are certainly things that other people are better at. Don't be afraid to ask for help.


4. Ignore something

You don't have to micro-manage every detail of every task. Try ignoring some of the minutia, and letting things go. Practice saying no. Or, consider setting some things aside for another day. Defer some tasks to a new day, or mark tasks as "complete for now."


Now download this timesheet and set up some tasks. Once you finish them, check them off the list. Meet with your employees and show them how it is done. Everyone will benefit. You'll see.






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