Things To Barcode On The Shop Floor



 employee time tracking

Scan Employee Names

Begin barcode scanning with employee names. Now you're collecting human resource data for each work order and task.

 project time tracking

Scan Projects and Work Orders

Scan projects and work orders to learn which projects excel and which need help. See WIP status for each order on the factory floor.

 Task tracking

Scan Tasks, Phases, Processes

Scan tasks and processes for analysis. Analyze and compare. Which phases need improvement? Where can we improve?


 expense templates

Scan Expense Templates

Create and scan expense templates for time and material reports. Learn exactly what materials are consumed on the shop floor.



Scan Inventory and BOM's

Scan inventory and Bill of Materials to deduct from stock. Automatically reorder when low. Alert you to restock and replenish.


 tool control

Scan Tools

Check tools out for employee use, check in to accumulate use-hours. Tool accountability, tool control, and PM schedules.


 scan scripts

Scan Scripts and KPI's

Scan scripts to perform special KPI's and database updates. Pop up drawings and specs, send emails, update status.


 in-house data

Scan Custom Data

Create and scan custom sequenses to collect in-house data. Analyze and report on factory floor status and conditions.


 project status

Scan Process Status

Scan work order status for employee information to act as incentives to finish projects and tasks on time and under budget.



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