Learn how to bill clients to time and expenses.  Create an invoice, save it as a PDF, and send it to your client.


Consulting companies must keep accurate records of work performed for their clients.  Even manufacturing companies with in-house clients must keep good records.  Standard Time lets you maintain multiple projects per client.   That means you can perform as many projects as you like for each one.  Each project has it's own properties, including billing rates, employee assignments, tasks, due dates, etc.

It should be understood that tasks belong under projects, not clients.   Therefore, the Project Tasks tab shows projects with tasks under them.  Clients are not displayed, unless you show the "Client" column.  The timesheet is the same way.  It shows projects with tasks under them.  When entering timesheet hours against a project or task, you are also logging time to a client at the same time.  All those timesheet hours are available for client invoices.

When invoicing clients for consulting work, you can break an invoice down by project, subproject, and date range.  This lets you invoice only a portion of the work.  Each client invoice has a due date, mailing address, and separate RTF document which you can save as PDF in Microsoft Word.

Some people are confused when they don't see specific client billing rates.   They expect to bill their clients at a certain rate, but don't see a rate field in the client record.  Here's why: billing rates belong in projects.   Since you always create a project to billing your client, the rates are stored there.  You can have different billing rates for each employee on each  project.  For instance, Suzie could bill $250 per hour on "Project A" and  $350 per hour on "Project B."  Both those projects could belong to "Client  A."

Clients can also log into the Standard Time Web Edition to check the status of their projects.  They can see the individual time logs entered by each employee and find the billable amount they are expected to pay.  Some  clients like to approve projects and items as they go.  The client log-in page lets them do that.

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