DCAA - Defense Contract Audit Agency compliance



DCAA stands for Defense Contract Audit Agency.  Here is a short description of this government agency, from their own website:

The DCAA, while serving the public interest as its primary customer, shall perform all necessary contract audits for the Department of Defense and provide accounting and financial advisory services regarding contracts and subcontracts to all DoD Components responsible for procurement and contract administration. These services are provided in connection with negotiation, administration, and settlement of contracts and subcontracts to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent on fair and reasonable contract prices. The DCAA shall provide contract audit services to other Federal agencies as appropriate.


For DCAA compliance you may consider making the timesheet only allow entry for today. In other words, disallow time entry for yesterday and previous, and disallow entry for tomorrow and beyond.

There are other reasons to force timesheet entry for today only.

You may be doing a government contract. Or you may just want more accurate hours. The longer employees go before entering their hours, the more inaccurate those hours tend to be. So forcing them to enter hours today solves that. It's not easy on the employees, but it's better than wrong hours, or no hours.

To enable this feature:

  1. Choose Tools, Users and Organization
  2. Right-click on the top-level group (at the very top of the tree)
  3. Choose User Rights
  4. Scroll down until you see 'Can enter time into past dates'
  5. Uncheck 'Can enter time into past dates'
  6. Uncheck 'Can enter time into future dates'
  7. Click OK, OK
  8. The app will restart

Now you will receive a popup message when entering hours into past and future dates.

Also see: Video: Contract Management and Option Year Funding, How Standard Time meets DCAA, and Avoiding a DCAA Audit, and DCAA Website


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