Government agencies will find these features useful.  Take a look!


Local, State, and Federal government offices use Standard Time®.  That's  probably because it is simple and cost effective timesheet solution.  You won't spend a million dollars on it, and a half-million implementing it.   But you'll be surprised at how it meets your office needs.  Government  employees can track time to IT initiatives, jobs, and streets, utilities, parks  and recreation, and every internal project your office has.  Plus, you don't pay for all the extras.  Everything is included to avoid an ugly audit of your employee hours.

Consider these features for your office:


1. Timesheet Each government employee will see only his jobs, and only his hours.  You can't sneak a peak at somebody else's.  Plus, you can implement your office policies for submitting and approving timesheet hours.  Employees see their totals for the week or pay period.  Timesheet submittals apply to those totals.  Their even get an email notification if hours are missing or the  timesheet has not been submitted.  Of course, this is optional but there for you if your office requires it.


2. Project and Budget Tracking Need to closely monitor project and program costs and budgets.  These rollup number update every five minutes based on employee timesheet input.   Managers and administrators can watch the numbers and control employee input.


3. Expense Tracking Individual records track expenses incurred while implementing your projects.   These come out on custom reports along with timesheet hours.


4. PTO Accruals and Time Off Paid Time Off for vacation, sick, personal and other reasons are shown right in the timesheet along with project hours.  The system will keep track of available hours for each employee so they can take time off when permitted.  You can black out certain date ranges and skip holidays like Christmas or New Years.


5. Custom Reporting Don't see the report you need?  Guess what... you can create your own custom reports, and at no extra cost.  Custom reporting is built into the timesheet.  It can display charts, grids, graphics, database fields,  scripts and other calculations.


6. Employee Status There's a special screen (not shown in the video) that lets you see exactly what employees are working on.  You see the last activity, hours for today, and hours for this week.  It's a quick-glance screen that shows current employee status.

Government office find this timesheet cost effective and easy to use.  Try a 30-day trial!


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