How to send project proposals to your clients or internal departments.


Project proposals are documents you sent to your clients or internal departments. They describe a job you intend to do, and list the following information in any style you choose. These are normally Microsoft Word documents you save as PDF and then email or send. Each proposal is based on a chosen template that contains your address, logo, and styles.

How can I create a new proposal?

Choose Tools, Projects. Then click the new Tools menu and choose Project Proposals. This opens a list of proposals. Click Tools, New Proposal to create a new one. Select any proposal to see the properties on the right. Modify the fields below and then click ‘Create Now…’ to create the document.

Where are the proposal documents stored?

Open Documents\Standard Time\Proposals to see all the proposal documents.

Where are the proposal templates stored?

Open Program files\Standard Time\Proposals\Templates to see all the template documents. These are simple Microsoft Word documents you can edit easily. Each one has tags used to capture data from the form. Be careful that you don’t change these tags. You can rearrange the tags, add your logo, and restyle the document in any way. You can also create new templates that can be used for proposals.

What fields are available for proposals?


This is simply the name you wish to identify the new proposal by. This name will also become the default document name.


Assign the proposal to a project. This lets you run reports that show all the proposals for a selected project.


Assign the proposal to a client. This lets you run reports that show all the proposals for a selected client or internal department.


Fully describe the work you propose to do. This can be included on the proposal document or kept private. That choice is based on the template you select.


State the number of hours you expect the job to take.

Total Cost

Estimate the total cost for the job. This amount will almost always be included on the proposal document.


State your objectives, your goals, and your plan for this job. This is your opportunity to sell your skills and convince the client to accept your proposal for work.


Enter the date and time you submitted this proposal to the client or internal department. You can use this to search for proposals later.


Select the template that represents the style you want for the new proposal document. Open ‘Program files\Standard Time\Proposals\Templates’ to edit the templates or add new ones. A template can contain your company logo and style.

Proposal file

Enter the name you’ll use for this document. All documents will be created in ‘Documents\Standard Time\Proposals’. They will be Microsoft Word documents you can freely edit. After editing, choose File, Save As to save the file as a PDF before sending to your client or internal department.

Prepared by

Document the person who prepared this proposal.


Phone number of the preparer.


Email address of the preparer.


Each proposal may have a status of ‘Submitted’, ‘Won’, or ‘Lost’. This lets you run reports that show all the proposals that fall into each category.

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