Want to know how to track time to product serial numbers that are already barcoded and affixed to your products? This video offers some strategies.

You could create projects or tasks from the labels. It all depends on how long you need them for time tracking.



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This video answers the question, what I do with serial numbers when I'm barcoding in Standard Time®.

Obviously you want to track time to those serial numbers, those barcode labels. You want to know what time is spent for each employee, for each product, for each task, for each kind of work you are doing. How do these serial numbers play into that scanning and those timers in Standard Time?

One of the first questions you might consider asking is, how long will the serial numbers last? Will they be weeks or months? If so consider creating a project in Standard Time. That would be a long term project; you can spend a lot of time on and you want to know where all the time is spent.

If the barcode labels or serial numbers are just going to last hours or days consider creating tasks for those.

Two different strategies, different ways to represent those barcode labels in Standard Time; you're still going to get the same amount of time tracking and capabilities. The same time logs for those but represented a little different.

If you already have serial numbers and preprinted barcodes then you don't have to print those out in Standard Time. You don't need Standard Time for that, you just need to create tasks or projects to represent them. Consider going to the File menu and choosing Project Wizard.

That's a very simple way to go in and put one task in per line use a barcode scanner to automate that. You can add those to each line. Or go to the insert menu and choose new project task; you can add them one at a time. That's one way to do that.

Turns out there's a little program called Barcode Builder that also creates those tasks. It does print labels but you can also just have it create tasks.

If you have the serial numbers but no barcode labels, you're going to want Standard Time to do two things for you. Create the tasks and to print the labels because you don't have the labels yet, preprinted.

Barcode Builder is a great little program for that. It will create them sequentially starting at a certain number and then print them all out on Avery sticky labels. Or just creating them add-hock one at a time in Barcode Builder.
If you have no serial numbers and no labels but you want to have serial numbers.

Barcode Builder will create them sequentially starting at the first one and then go out through as many as you want. But you can also go into Microsoft Word; Word allows you to put some text in, select that text, choose a barcode font and then print that out. That's another way to get those labels printed out if you don't already have them.

If you're in situation 2 or 3 we have a page our website called "how to print barcode labels." That will go into all the different ways, there's many ways to print them out in Standard Time. There's a little report that we have called a Barcode Label report that allows you to choose a project and print out all the tasks. Barcode Builder will print them out, or Microsoft Word.

A lot of different ways to get those labels printed out if you don't already have them. But if you do have them all you have to do is create some tasks or projects and you can begin tracking time immediately.

Hopefully that gives you a little bit of a strategy on how to handle those serial numbers when you're barcoding in Standard Time.



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