Submit a new time off request for PTO, vacation, sick, personal, etc.


This video shows how to enter a new time off request into the timesheet.  You will see a small "airplane" icon at the bottom of the timesheet that  represents all the time off reasons.  Simply open that section and enter hours against a time off reason.  That reason could be vacation, sick,  person, training, or any other reason your company supports.  After filling out the time off request, your record will be live in the system.

Employees can enter time off requests for any reason administrators have set up in the system.  So this is more than a vacation tracking system.  It actually treats vacation the same as any other time off reason.  All the reasons show up in the timesheet for employee hours.  Although the time off  hours are separate from project hours, they are included in the timesheet daily  and weekly totals. This means you can view a full timesheet that includes projects, G&A, and time off hours.

When a new time off request is submitted, the employee's manager gets an email notification.  This lets them go into the system and approve or reject the request.  Any changes to the time off record trigger another email to the employee, so they know the current status.

When a vacation request (or any time off request) is approved, the hours are  subtracted from the employee's hourly bank for that reason.  (Each time off  reason has it's own bank of hours.)  And if the time off request is unapproved for any reason, the hours are added back into the bank.

Employees can only take as many hours as they have available to them, or will  soon have based on future accruals.  In some cases, this means borrowing  from future accruals to satisfy the current request.  For this reason, the  program has a special "Overdraft" bank that lets you borrow, even if it means  that your bank goes temporarily negative.  As the weeks and months goon,  your accruals will refill the bank.

Time off requests normally skip holidays and blackout periods.  We skip  holidays because you normally get those off anyway, but the system can be  configured to include them like normal work days.  Blackout periods can be  defined by administrators to prevent any time taken off.  Situations can  include things like all-hands meetings, special client presentations, or product release crunches.

Employees can also check to see which meetings they might miss when taking time  off, and which other employees might also be out at the same time.  This helps schedule and coordinate time off requests.  All these features make a  robust vacation tracker that extends into every other time off reason your  company wishes to support.

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