Create an alternative Time Off system using a project and tasks.  This creates time logs instead of time off records.



This video shows you how to hide the existing time off system and roll your own using a normal project and tasks.  You should know that there is a great time off system in this product already, but there is still one reason to roll your own…  That reason is to get normal time log records for vacation, sick, personal and other time off requests.  You’ll learn how to downgrade the existing time off system to a project-based one.  Just follow the steps in this video.



Beware, this is an intentional downgrade
(But you can go back if you don't like it)

Before following these steps, watch the videos below.  They may talk you out of it because you’ll be giving up all these features just for a simpler system with time logs instead of time off records.

                Time Off Accruals

                Time Off Requests

                Time Off Calendar

As shown in the videos above, our time off system and accrual system is top notch.  It gives you automatic accruals, an approval system, black-out periods, missed meetings, etc., etc., etc.  But if you still wish to downgrade to a time log based system this is the page for that.



Step 1: Disable the current Time Off system

Choose Tools, Users and Organization to start.  Then right-click on the top-level group and choose User Rights…  Uncheck the item named “Access to Time Off View.”  Click OK, OK and the program will restart to show the changes.  You’ll notice that the Time Off section has been removed from the timesheet and the Time Off tab is gone.  Feeling scared?  No worries!  Follow the steps below to roll your own time off system with a normal project and tasks.  It only takes a few minutes.



Step 2: Create a new “Time Off” project

Choose Tools, Projects and then click the new Tools menu to create a new project.  Name the new project “Time Off.”  You can optionally assign the new project to certain employees so that only certain users see it, but normally it will be assigned to all users.  The client should probably be assigned to your own company, as are your other administrative projects.  As soon as you click OK, you’ll see “Time Off” in the timesheet again.  Feeling better now?  Good, you’re almost there.  Now we’ll create the new time off reasons from tasks.  They will show up under this new timesheet entry.



Step 3: Create new time off reasons

Choose Insert, New Project Task.  Name the task “Vacation” or any other time off reason.  Vacation is the most common, so we use that as an example in the video.  Make sure the task is assigned to the new “Time Off” project.  You’ll also normally set the “Duration” to “0” since this is a recurring task.  Optionally assign the task to all the users that should see it.  The default is <All Users>.  Uncheck the “Billable” checkbox and check the “Quick Task” checkbox so it shows up in the timesheet.  That’s all you need to do.  Click “Save and Close” to see the new reason in the timesheet!  Ahhh, you’re back to something familiar.  Repeat these steps to create as many reasons as you need.  That’s about it!



Step 4: Enter Hours into the Timesheet

Now you can simply enter hours into the timesheet adjacent to the time off reasons you created.  The results will be time logs rather than time off records.  You’ll see them listed in the Time Log section of the program.  And, they’ll come out on your normal time log reports.  You can export them along with all the other records to any accounting system.


Just keep in mind that if you roll your own time off system, you’ll be giving up the automatic accruals, approvals, time off blackouts, meetings, and other features built into the normal system.  Your simpler system will be functional but not as feature-rich.  Hopefully, that works for you.


Also see: Video: Time Off Tracking, Video: Time Off Accruals for Vacation, Sick, PTO, etc, Video: Time Off Calendar, Video: Time Off Blackout Periods, Video: Time Off Meetings


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