Add notes to timesheet entries with these simple steps.



Every entry in the timesheet can have notes associated with it.  This video shows how.  It's actually very easy; you just click in a timesheet cell and then click the "Notes and Detail" button in the lower-right.  A dialog box opens that lets you enter notes for that time log entry.  While you're there, you can change any of the other time log properties like Start, Stop, Actual Work, Client, Category, etc.  Just Save and Close to update the record.  The notes you entered are available immediately for reports and client invoices.

It's important to point out that the time log entries you see in the timesheet are actually available in the Time Log view as well.  (The Timesheet and Time Log tabs are next to each other at the top of the main window.)  Both these views display the same information; they just look different.  The timesheet display a weekly grid with totals for each day while the time log view displays a list of records.  There may be several records for the same day and same client.  While these records would be consolidated in the timesheet, they are shown in their raw form in the time log.

Simply click any record in the time log to open the same dialog you see in this video.  It doesn't matter whether you edit the record from either view, it is the same piece of data.

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