There are several ways to print barcode labels for time tracking. This is the first and easiest. It uses MS Word.

Yep, it's true; MS Word can print barcode labels. Watch the video below to learn how.

If MS Word doesn't feel like the right tool, consider our Barcode Builder™ app, or our Barcode Labels report. Both of those tools also print barcde labels. They are free to download and easy to use. In any case, you'll find a quick and easy way to print them.

Once you do print the labels, you can start tracking time for employee jobs right away. Let us know what you think of the video!


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This is a first video in a series of how to print barcode labels for Standard Time® for time tracking.

You've probably been introduced to the idea that Standard Time can support barcode scanners to start and stop a timer. Usually for assembly line, manufacturing, employee jobs, those sorts of things. Scan a label to start and then scan again to stop. You might be asking "how do I print out those barcode labels?"

Where do they come from, what do I print, how do I print them out? The first way is simply to use Microsoft Word. And that is the topic of this video.


Other ways to print barcode labels

There other ways; you can use an app called barcode builder that comes with Standard Time. And there is a little report in Standard Time. You may also have the barcode labels preprinted somewhere else. This video goes into discussing how to use Microsoft Word as just one of the many ways to get them printed out.

If you take a look you see the final results what this might look like. I've printed out some labels randomly on this page to show you that you have the flexibility of putting labels anyway you'd like. I've got some user names here which you have to scan know which employee is logging the time. You've got a category here, a couple categories, tasks, projects and then down at the bottom you have something else that you'll probably want to make a label for and that is stop or clear. You'll find that those are handy in the scanning.


Printing barcode labels in MS Word

Let's get into how to use Microsoft Word to print barcode labels. If you look over on the screen here we can go ahead and get started.

I've switched over to Microsoft Word and you can see the same labels we saw on the page on this. The reason I'm showing you this is because I'm wanting to point out that you can use Microsoft Word to put the labels anywhere you want on a page.

You have the flexibility of laying out the page anywhere you'd like. Or putting them on a work order, anything you'd like. This is ordinary text, so if I select this and go up to the font dropdown and pick a font. You can see that is normal text and all I've done gone to the font dropdown, scroll down into the "I's" because there is a font called ID automation and I chose that. That turns that normal text into a barcode font. You choose file, print to print it out. Go here to look at the font dialog you can see that the font name is IDAutomationHC39M. There's a link on the website to download that.


Barcode font: IDAutomationHC39M

Go ahead and feel free to put labels anywhere you'd like. On your work orders or use label templates to print them out. Of course there are some other tools you can use as well. There is an app called Barcode Builder, there is a report in Standard Time you can use. There's a variety of ways to get those printed out. Let's go ahead and look at the font starting at the download.

You'll need to download a barcode font from the web.  They are freely available, and work well with most scanners.  The font used in the video is named: IDAutomationHC39M_FREE.otf but you can use any font you like. One possible place to download is this free site, but there may be others.

        Download font:


How to install the barcode font

I've switched over to the downloads folder. This is the file you would download and you can double click on that and this window will open. That shows you the font and you can click install.

Once you've installed it, it's useful for any program you want to use including Microsoft Word, the barcode builder, the Standard Time report. Any application, program that uses this font can print out barcode labels. Switch over to Microsoft Word and here they are again.


What labels should you print?

I will take a quick detour into Standard Time and show you what you'll be printing. It's really not the purpose of this video but I want to show this quickly. I've switched over to the Standard Time application and you see some projects here in the timesheet.

You will probably start by scanning user names. So if you go to the tools menu, choose users and organizations; you'll see user names here, you will print out barcode labels for those.

You can go to the Tools menu choose projects, you see projects here you will have to scan your projects likely. There are certain ways you can set up Standard Time so that you can go past that. But that one thing you may have to do. Another thing is going to tools, categories and printing barcode labels for categories. Or using project tasks.


See the other barcode videos

There are a lot of things you can scan in Standard Time, and you'll have to consult some of the other videos for that. But I wanted to point out that these are the areas you'll be going into when you're deciding what to print out. But really the focus of this video is using Microsoft Word as one of the many ways to print out those barcode labels. Hopefully that helps and let us know if you need any additional help with that.

Watch the video:


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