Everybody has a million apps on their phone. But have you tried our Android and iOS time tracking apps?

These apps let you track time anywhere, even in the office. All your time and expense records will be sync'd with the cloud or desktop, so you can use them anywhere. Watch the video below, or get more info from these links.

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Scroll down below the video to see what these apps can do.



What can smartphone time and expense apps do?

The apps give you an alternative time entry system that is more convenient to users. Most people want to manage their time right on their phone, which they use dozens of times throughout the day. Forcing them to sit down at a workstation is so foreign and nonintuative that it no longer makes sense.

The apps can collect both time and expense records, which can be synchronized with your main database. That sync can occur over Wi-Fi or internet. It can connect to either the Web Edition or Windows Edition. That makes app synchronization flexible enough to use anywhere.


consultants love ST

"Our phones automatically sync from the field"

"Set it and forget it"


The apps can also give basic daily and weekly summaries of time and expenses. Users get a quick snapshot on their phones, while managers and executives get instant access for reporting.


Why are these time tracking apps important to my business?

Collecting time the instant it occurs is about four times as accurate as collecting it later, when memories fade and small bits are forgotten. If you're not collecting time on smartphones, you are probably missing a small percentage, and not even realizing it. Ignorance is bliss, but there is a quick remedy. It's apps.


consultants love ST

"We increased billable hours by 12%"


Can I use apps in the office?

Actually, yes. Why not? You don't need to be in the field to use apps. Use them anywhere. Most users feel as comfortable tapping their phones as they do clicking a mouse. So using the apps in the office, even while sitting in front of a workstation can be just as effective as using a desktop time tracking solution.


4 Platforms

Did you know that this time tracking solution runs on four different platforms? It's not just smartphone apps. You can use one or all of these simultaneously. For instance, you can log into the web version from home, plus use your iPhone. Or, you could use the Windows client app on your desktop in the office, and then switch over to the web version. Switch back and forth to any of these apps. All your data goes into one place so you don't need to do anything special to see the same information on different platforms.

         Windows Edition -- a native desktop client app

         Web Edition -- a web-based browser app you access with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Flex, or others

         iOS Edition -- a native iPhone or iPad app that syncs with the platforms above

         Android Edition -- a native Android app that syncs in the same way



Video transcription:

Have you ever heard of Standard Time?

So… let’s say you’re a tech consultant… or engineer… or SEO expert... or service tech. You meet with clients. You bill hours. And you travel sometimes. You’re a road warrior, and good at what you do.

But the question is…

What time tracking app do you use? Do you record mileage and expenses?

You’re not tied to a terminal, are you? Or a spreadsheet for your billable hours? Have you tried the Standard Time apps?

And how about the other engineers you work with? Why not introduce Standard Time to them?

You should try the Android app? Or iOS. It syncs with the cloud or desktop. The whole office can use it, and client billing can occur at one central point.

Track projects. Track billable hours. Expenses and mileage.

Make life easy.

Click to download Standard Time.


Watch YouTube playlist of whiteboard time tracking videos








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