Tracking time in a spreadsheet is pretty common. But if you're doing that, you almost certainly losing a little money every month.

How can a spreadsheet lose money?

  1. Employees sometimes enter hours into the wrong billable time period.  You don't even realize it.
  2. How sometimes are entered into the wrong client, and never billed.
  3. Hours may not be entered at all, and nobody catches it.

It's all those "nobody realizes it" situations that cost you. Free spreadsheet templates do that. Sure, they total up client hours and calculate billable amounts. But they don't make certain you bill them all.  The spreadsheet doesn't care; it's just a calculator.  Only a professional timesheet like ST cares enough about your billable hours to remind you when things aren't right.



Are you tracking employee project time in a spreadsheet?

Or trying to bill clients from hours in a spreadsheet?

If so, you’ve probably hit these five issues, and had to fight or reprogram it.

1. You can’t have multi-user access over the web
2. You can’t access it with Android or iOS
3. Billing rates are hard to keep track of
4. Spreadsheets don’t look for user-error
5. There’s no real project status in a spreadsheet

That “free” spreadsheet isn’t exactly free, is it?

Now there’s a solution in the Standard Time® timesheet.

1. As easy to use as any spreadsheet
2. Access from anywhere, on any smartphone, tablet, or device
3. Client billing and project status, built in

What are you waiting for?

Click Download to try Standard Time.


Watch YouTube playlist of whiteboard time tracking videos








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