Consultants need to bill hours. That's a fact. But sometimes you're so focused on the job that you don't even know the raw numbers driving the enterprise.

  1. The effective billing rate you are getting from clients, with all scheduled hours combined, and all employees combined
  2. The percentage of utilization, based on scheduled hours and working hours

Is your effective billing rate enough to keep the enterprise afloat? Do you even know?

Are consultants utilized to a degree that keeps the company profitable.

Run this report and find out.



Are you a consultant? Or work for a consulting firm? Or a service-based company? If so, you have to really watch your billable hours. And watch your effective billing rate. Your livelihood is based on billable hours and billing rates.

Guess what? The Standard Time® timekeeping app has a nice solution for you. It’s called a utilization report.

Run this report, and you’ll instantly see:
1. Actual hours worked
2. Percentage of billable hours verses non-billable hours
3. Effective billing rate

Not working enough hours? You’ll see that immediately.  Not billing enough hours? That shows up too. And finally, you see the rate you’re effectively getting from clients.

That’s all in the Standard Time® utilization report.

The consultant’s favorite tool.
Click to download, and run this report for yourself.


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