Learn the basics of barcoding on the shop floor for manufacturing

This page provides a basic overview of barcoding on the shop floor. Start with the video below. Try to emulate these techniques with your own barcode scanner. Then develop this into a workable sequence for your manufacturing processes.

Barcode Scanning on the Shop Floor

Barcoding Q&A

The answers to your questions are below. Scan this list for commonly asked questions about barcoding time and expenses on the shop floor.
How do I print barcode labels?

You can use any word processor or spreadsheet to print labels. In fact, any program that can print can incorporate barcode labels. Simply use a barcode font for the text you want on the label. First select the text, and then choose the font. The results will be a label you can print. But you must first install a barcode font, which you can download from the internet.

We recommend this free barcode font: IDAutomationHC39M_FREE.otf This font is easy to install and use. It shows up in the font menu in your word processor. Just select the text and choose the “IDAutomation” font from the list. https://www.fontpalace.com/font-details/idautomationhc39m-otf/

Is there a barcode font to download?
Why do barcode labels use an asterisk at the beginning and end?
How do I connect barcode scanners to my PC?
Can I connect multiple scanners to one PC?
What barcode scans are needed to start a timer?
What stops a timer?
My timers start immediately after scanning a project, why?
Can you have multiple timers running at the same time?
Can multiple employees work on the same job?
Can multiple employees work on the same task?
How do I locate and change the name I scan?
Can I add new employees that can scan?
How can I require users to scan project tasks?
How do I create a new work order?
Can I duplicate an existing work order?
Can I use QR Codes?
Can I share a scanning workstation with all employees?
Where does the information go after scanning?
Can I run reports of my barcode scans?
Are barcode scans available for reports immediately as they occur?
Can I connect workstations using Wi-Fi?
Can I use a tablet for a barcode workstation?
Can I scan with my mobile phone?
Do I need a server?
Is this program hosted in the cloud or on my own server?
Do I need a license for each workstation, or for each user?
If I had ten employees sharing one scanner, how many licenses would I need?
What barcode scanners work with this?
Do you recommend a certain scanner?
Do I need a “wired scanner” or wireless?
Can I scan anything other than work orders?
Can I scan offline and upload later?
Can I start a timer on one tablet and then stop it on another?
Is barcode scanning the only thing this program does?
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