Tracking Inventory and BOMs on the Shop Floor

From In this video we’ll take a brief look at inventory and bill of materials in Standard Time®. Or scanning materials on the shop-floor. You’ll notice a list of inventory items over here on the left-hand side. You can add new ones by going to this + symbol and adding them manually. Or going to the File menu, choosing Import and bringing them in from another system using the CSV file format.

Let’s take a look at some of the commonly used properties over on the right-hand side. Certainly, the name and description are useful as the internal SKU and Vendor Manufacturing SKUs which you can scan on the shop-floor. You may also have an internal Code that you would like to scan. Certainly, the Qty in stock is useful which represents the number of items you have on hand and the level of at which you reorder and how many to reorder each time.

You may notice that over on the left-hand side that the inventory items are organized by folder. Consider scrolling down and choosing a folder for each kind of inventory item or use or location within your organization. And giving them an attachment image to display within a bill of material. You notice over on the left-hand side that you have some items with a different icon. This is one of them, this is actually a bill of material. It turns out that this is just and inventory item with subitems. If I click here, you can see the subitems within this bill of material. Including barring sleeve, jacket assy and so on and the quantities of each item.

Turns out you can scan both inventory and bill of materials on the shop-floor. Let’s go to the Home (All Views) and choose Scan barcodes. As we said before you can scan the internal SKU Vendor or Manufacturer SKU including the name itself. Or you may have an internal code that you’d like to scan. The results of those scans is normally to deduct from stock when you are consuming them on the shop-floor. But you may also add to stock when you receive them at the receiving dock.

You may also want to create a timestamped expense record to document when materials are consumed on the shop-floor. And provide traceability back to the original employee and job and so on. Turns out you can scan several other items related to inventory if you click this little button in the upper left, choose Things to scan on the shop floor. Up pops a webpage and you can scroll down and find more things to scan related to inventory.

There’s a very brief overview of inventory and bill of materials in Standard Time.

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