Barcoding in Manufacturing is Easy!

From Manufacturing automation is easy with barcodes and RFID. Just put a barcode label on every product. Scan it during the manufacturing process. Collect time and materials consumed. And then report on your results.

Now that you can record manufacturing metrics, you can find ways to improve. Reduce human resource time. Reduce materials and waste. Fine-tune your process to be more efficient.

You will know how much time each employee worked on each product. You'll know how much time each product took to manufacture, package, and ship. You'll know how long each kind of job took, and each task. Plus, you can track time for any other information you care about on the shop floor. For instance, how much time is spent in each building? For each machine? Each tool? How about each assembly line, or product line? You decide what metrics you want to collect, and this will do it.

Consider putting this in your warehouse to track materials and products. Scan each box as it comes and goes. You now have a simple warehouse tracking system, and you know how much time items spend in storage.

Have you heard of Manufacturing Execution Systems? This is the basics of that, but without the high cost of implementation. It collects the raw time and materials, and can be used to automate such things as inventory, resource dispatch, and order processing. You don't spend a zillion dollars on an MES, but you get the basic results.

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