Things You Get By Scanning Barcodes

From Here is a list of 16 things you will get by scanning just four barcodes. Ever wonder what the four barcodes are? They are: Username, task name, username again when the task is finished, and the word STOP. That's it. After scanning only those four barcodes, you will get at least sixteen results from this timekeeping program. Here is a list of the sixteen things from this video:

1. How long employees worked 2. How long products take to manufacture 3. How long you spend on each kind of work 4. How far into the manufacturing cycle are you 5. What department your product is in 6. Who worked on it last 7. When your job started 8. When it will likely end 9. Percent complete 10. If somebody is working on it right now 11. Salary costs 12. Estimated client cost 13. How much time you spent working for a client 14. How much time each department spends on your product 15. Ad hoc ancillary intel 16. Emails when jobs take too long With this kind of results, you can track shop floor jobs, manufacturing status, and all the time you spent on work orders. Just grab a barcode scanner and give it a try. See more at:


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