Zombie Gets Consulting Gig

From: www.strdtime.com There is a consulting gig for everyone, even Zombies. Use Standard Time® to track hours.

Business owner: Thanks for inviting me. Is this your office? I like what you have done. {wolf howl} So… Zombie: gha, gha, gha Business owner: Are you a pretty good consultant? Zombie: kah, kah Business owner: Got a new gig. I need a new network support guy, girl. What would you say your biggest strength is? Zombie: gha, gha, gha Business owner: Flash Picnic? Is that a new band? I’ll take that as a yes. So, all the consultants use Standard Time® now. They track time for my projects and I get the status on my smartphone. Zombie: gha, gha, gha Business owner: Is that blood? Well, anyways Standard Time has this android app, ProjectBot. Zombie: bot, bot, bot Business owner: If I hire you can I use ProjectBot to get my status? Applicant 1: I know networks like a dog knows butts. Applicant 2: Hey, baby. I’ll get right up in there. Applicant 3: What’s the difference between a 3 week old puppy and a boss? In 6 weeks the puppy stops whining. Business owner: You’re my first pick. Zombie: pick, pick, pick Business owner: Can you start Monday? You should get Standard Time. And just a thought maybe some Mary Kay. Zombie: kah, kah, kah Business owner: Go out to www.strdtime.com. Zombie: dub, dub, dub, dah Business owner: strdtime.com Got it? Oh, did you want to meet for lunch sometime?

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