ST2023 Update 1-27-23


  • Web Edition: Flash background green and red when barcode scanning starts and stops timers
  • Added new User Right: Can view salary rates and costs
  • Improved enforcement of “User Rights” in Home Page for admins with limited rights
  • Don’t allow a logged-in user to remove their own ability to edit User Rights (and get locked out)
  • Display “No Start Date” in project task link dialogs when a task has no date
  • Web Edition: Added speech recognition as an alternative to barcode scanning
  • Scanning unrecognized text may start a timer if there are Required Scans that use that value
  • New filter choice to find records in grids by value: “Search fields, Text 1”

Bug fixes

  • Web Edition: Fixed error in the creation of new “Locked Date Range” records to lock timesheets
  • Windows Edition: Fixed “Check for updates” showing the wrong “Downloads” webpage

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