Chromebook on Standard Time Cloud


In this video I’ll demonstrate a Chromebook connected to the Standard Time® cloud site for use in manufacturing on the shop floor as a barcode scanning station. In other words, time and materials tracking. Everything you see here was purchased on Amazon for less than $150. I’m telling you this so that you can consider an inexpensive setup like this for an employee barcode scanning station. It’s got everything you need to scan barcodes for employee time tracking and inventory management on the shop floor.

I’ll show you how to scan barcodes and even how to speak as an alternative to scanning. Now this is especially useful for cell phones. You just tap a microphone icon and speak. It does the same thing as scanning barcodes.

Here we are connected to the Standard Time cloud site on a Chromebook. We’re looking at the Home All Views page, which is the first page you see when you log into the site. This page contains various icons that allow to go into different parts of the program. The icons will be far fewer for non-admins but this is an admin screen.

There is also a menu at the top that has various commands that you can go through. For this demo I’m going to scan some barcodes so I’m gonna click on the scan barcodes icon. Start by scanning a user name, then a job, then a task. I’ve set up a required scan that requires me to enter a quantity so I’ll type 45 then click OK.

The timer has started indicating I’m working on a job, I can go off and work on that job. I’ll scan clear to clear the display and when I return, I can come back and stop the timer. Let’s scan Ray, scan the word stop. The timer has stopped.

Now let’s demonstrate using the microphone to do the same things. Click the microphone to record speech in lieu of scanning barcodes. Ray, accept that. 10200, accept that. Packaging, accept that. Our little quantity pop-up appears, cause I have a required scan, click the microphone, 13, accept that. The microphone is used in lieu of or replacement for scanning barcodes. This is very handy for cell phones that you might use on the shop floor.

There you have it. That is a demonstration of the Chromebook connected to the Standard Time cloud site.


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