Engineering Director Gets a Mentor

From: This engineering director is getting advice from a drug dealer. Does he want his old job back or a different occupation? Engineering Director: Are you hiring? Drug Dealer: I am a drug dealer. Is that really the kind of work you want?

Engineering Director: I was an engineering director. They told me Standard Time® was best for engineering jobs. Drug Dealer: And you chimped out.

Engineering Director: Didn’t know where to get it. Drug Dealer: Even a drug dealer knows that!

Engineering Director: How do you know all this? Drug Dealer: I am a multi-talented entrepreneur.

Engineering Director: Can you help me out? Drug Dealer: Rule number 1: don’t get high on your own supply.

Engineering Director: Gotcha. No more bragging at cocktail parties. Drug Dealer: Rule 2: keep them coming back.

Engineering Director: OK, short tasks, scheduled weekly, close them out and schedule more. Drug Dealer: You’re quick. Sure you don’t want to work for me? I’ve got chippy, chocolate rocket, tuti fruiti, green tea, valley dolls, baby tea. But hey this stuff don’t sell itself.

Engineering Director: How about Standard Time? Drug Dealer: Not in my inventory. Get that off the Scoutwest website I already told you that chimp boy.

Engineering Director: I got a new mentor. Can I have my old job back? Boss: Got Standard Time?

Engineering Director: Check. Boss: Don’t screw up or welcome to free lancing. Drug Dealer: Ice cream habit?

Engineering Director: Check. Drug Dealer: Monkey juice?

Engineering Director: Check. Drug Dealer: Powder diamonds?

Engineering Director: Check.


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