ST2023 Update 4-7-2023

New functionality

  • Added “Mileage rate” property for users, to be used when creating expenses
  • Added “Favorites” to the timesheet menu (to pop up a list of favorite projects)
  • Added “Pay periods” menu to Timesheet menu
  • Added “Approve this timesheet” and “Reject this timesheet” right-click menu items


  • Do not show “No project task assigned” in timesheet under projects when there are no tasks
  • Web Edition: Changed color of edited grid cells to yellow to easily identify recently edited cells
  • Allow users to enter salary and client rates for time logs, even though they may be overwritten
  • Enforce “Permission to view data” settings for “Approve Timesheets” page

Bug fixes

  • Fixed failed to add history to timesheets when approving and rejecting
  • Fixed displaying wrong time log properties when timesheet is filtered by user

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