ST2023 Update 4-21-2023

New functionality

  • Added “Task name” to barcode defaults, to be looked up after scanning the project
  • Added “Approved” checkbox column to Time Off page
  • Added “Approved” and “Locked” checkbox columns to Approve Time and Expenses page
  • Web Edition: Added “Currency symbol” to be displayed for all monetary values


  • Renaming folders automatically renames all child folders below the one being renamed
  • Improved report export to HTML (more styles and positioning of objects, like the Preview)
  • Imported Print function by using exported HTML (File menu)
  • BC App: Don’t allow fonts to get too big or too small when clicking Up and Down buttons
  • Set Excel font and color when exporting reports
  • Set Word font and color when exporting reports

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Time Off columns not showing up in the “Insert column” right-click menu
  • Fixed cases where report text could be exported in the wrong order

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