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The basics of shop floor management can be implemented easily. Set up a tablet with a barcode scanner, and begin scanning employee names, work orders, expenses, inventory, bill of materials, and other things. Now you're suddenly collecting all the basics your shop needs to prosper and improve. Consider the items below, and consider clicking here for things to scan on the shop floor.


 barcode time tracking

Barcode Time Tracking

Use barcodes and RFID’s to collect time on the shop floor. Get actual employee hours. Learn how long jobs and each phase of your processes take.

 barcode time tracking

Barcode Expense Tracking

Scan both time and materials for comprehensive reports on everything you use on the shop floor. Learn the real cost of both labor and materials.

 Work In Progress

Work In Progress

View Work In Progress on a big screen, like those airport arrivals and departures. See hours, cost, and job status. Get the same WIP screens on your Android phone or tablet.


 employee status

Employee Status

Employee status is also shown on a big screen, like Work In Progress. You see the current job, hours for today, hours for this week, and task status.


 work orders

Work Orders

Track the status of work orders through the shop floor. Where are they at any given time? How many hours have been worked? And who worked on them last?


 inventory and bom

Inventory and BOM

Scan inventory and BOM’s to subtract items from inventory. When inventory is low, get notified by email, or restock automatically with a script.


 project status

Project Status

Projects may contain lists of tasks assigned to employees. Compare actual work against estimates, get total project costs, and view resource allocation for projects.




Customizable reports include grouping, sorting, filtering, and scripts to compute mathematical results. Or, bypass reports and bring data directly into MS Excel with the XLST Add-on.




Compute KPI’s for the Work In Progress screen, replenish inventory, update databases, or just run background tasks on a periodic basis. Scripts extend your reach.


tool control

Tool Control

Check tools out for accountability and hourly maintenance time tracking. Know where every tool is. Use in your tool room or on the shop floor for tool control and accountability.




Ready To Talk?

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Also see: Manufacturing Videos, Inventory Management, How to set up the shop floor for barcoding








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