Barcoding with Walmart Nextbook for Manufacturing

From If you need an inexpensive barcode station for manufacturing or shop floor for employee jobs, consider using a Walmart Nextbook. The Nextbook is a simple tablet that connects to your network wirelessly over Wi-Fi. That means your barcode scans are sent to a server the moment they occur. You'll see information immediately, in real-time.

You will collect timestamps for each employee, for each job, for each kind of work, each product, each box, and each stage of the manufacturing and assembly operation. You will know exactly how long employees are on the job, and how long each job takes. You'll know exactly how much time goes into each product.

Stop guessing. Find out exactly how long things actually take. Then use that information to shave off a small layer of inefficiency. Layer after layer gets you to an efficiency you may have never seen before.

Connect a wireless barcode scanner to a Walmart Nextbook for an inexpensive barcode station. You can get started for $200.

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