Zombie project manager gets canned

From www.strdtime.com Send this to all your project manager friends. Don't let this happen to them.

Boss: Listen Frank…Zombie: uh, uh, uh, uh,uh

Boss: Do you hear me? Look alive, man! You’re fired! {shack} Do you understand? You’re fired!

Zombie: uh, uh, uh

Boss: You’re the project manager and you’re over budget again. That’s the 10th time this month!

Zombie: uh, uh

Boss: Standard Time®. I told you to use Standard Time. Track projects, stay under budget, assign tasks. All that.

Zombie: Uh

Boss: Track you’re projects right, man. Do you hear me?

Zombie: grah

Boss: All right, you’re done. You’re going to HR. Collect your things.

HR Manager: Now, Frank we could just fire you but what if we gave you a second chance? Could you get Standard Time and put the timesheet on every desk. And track your projects and watch those budgets?

Zombie: uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

HR Manager: Just download it off the web. Www.stdtime.com

Zombie: dub, duh, duh

HR Manager: Frank, is any of this sinking in? Www.stdtime.com

Zombie: uh, uh, uh

HR Manager: And one more thing. No more eating employees in the break room!

{Break room scene.}


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