Standard Time® Overview: Home Page Commands

From For those looking for another overview of Standard Time® 2022, this is actually the second video. The first one we looked at navigation and commands. This one will take a slightly deeper dive into the commands that you see on the Home and Home (All Views) pages. You may remember the Home and Home (All Views) commands in the previous video, here we’ll just look at the icons or commands.

I’ll draw your attention to these sections along the left-hand side. If you go to the Home page, click on any plus symbol you’ll see those same sections and the same icons next to them. Where you can create your own launch screen.

Or use the Home (All Views) with pre-installed icons. Let’s go ahead and take a look at each of these commands. The first few are just for learning more about Standard Time. Then we come to licenses which are required for each employee who uses Standard Time. Running reports for time and materials, scanning barcodes to start and stop the timer, creating new projects, jobs, work orders, the employees under their work groups, clients or customers that you’ll bill time and materials to, kinds of work you perform, upcoming tasks that may be shown in a 30-day calendar. Your inventory in stock or bill of materials and billing clients for time and materials.

The timesheet is actually a grid with Monday-Sunday columns that employees can enter time into if they’re not scanning barcodes. Time Logs is very similar, just a list of all records that may be shown on a calendar or a chart with bars for periods like day, week, month and so on. Expenses or materials are similar, may be shown on a calendar or chart. Time Off is for vacation, sick, personnel, comp time and the accrual of hours for employees. They may be shown on a calendar or also on a chart.

Work in Progress is a dashboard that shows the status of all your jobs that are currently in progress; maybe on the shop-floor or out in the field. The status of Employees and the jobs and tasks that they’re currently working on.

Out into the future for work load and employee availability to take on new jobs. Also, into the future would be Project Revenue. Billing Rates for your time and materials for invoicing. Holidays for upcoming time off. Scripts that are used to enhance Standard Time, integration with Microsoft Project® and QuickBooks® and finally templates for materials you may use on a regular basis.

You can go over to the Home page, click on any plus symbol and add icons to create your own custom launch screen; just click and go. Or use the preinstalled icons in the Home (All Views). That is an overview of Standard Time 2022. I’ll urge you to go out and look at that previous video that shows the navigation and commands. And also to go out and download and take a look for yourself. Good luck!


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