ST2023 Update 12-23-2022


  • Added “Show active and inactive” context menu to Web Edition filter tree. Displays both active and inactive items in the filter tree to enable filtering pages by deactivated projects, users, clients, etc.
  • Improved WIP column resizing in Web Edition
  • Enable calendar drag and drop in Web Edition. I.e. move time logs, time off requests, tasks.
  • Import MS Project MPP files in Web Edition
  • Enable Enter key to close message boxes in Web Edition
  • Improved HTML export in Web Edition. I.e. more styles and colors
  • Improved creating new project tasks by copying values from the selected record

Bug fixes

  • Fixed sorting by Inventory Locations column
  • Fixed Resource Allocation error when using MS Access database. Error: “Column Name does not belong to table…”
  • Fixed bug when duplicating projects. The wrong project task filter was selected for the new project.
  • Fixed “Unhandled menu: New Project Task” in Web Edition

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