Getting Started with Projects, Jobs and Work Orders

From One of the things you soon discover about Standard Time® is that it is all about projects and jobs and work orders. Those projects are normally jobs that come into your shop or organization and your employees would track time and materials to them. You as a manager or administrator would perform some project management. Slotting them for production and getting them ready for your employees. This video will go into creating new projects in Standard Time.

You’ve probably seen this icon either in the File menu or the Tools menu or any of the Home pages. Let’s go ahead and click the icon and create a new job. Up pops an assistant with the steps I’ll follow. Click next; you have the option to duplicate an existing job and all the tasks or to create a new job and new tasks or to simply add tasks to an existing job.

I’ll go ahead a choose an existing job because I want the tasks in that job. Click next; I don’t have to enter the tasks because those will be duplicated. Click next then choose an existing client to bill time and materials to. Next and then finish. My job shows up on the left-hand side. This popup is asking if I want to require everyone to scan barcodes or enter time into the timesheet for these project tasks. The answer to this question is normally yes but I will choose no here, you should normally click yes here.

My job shows up here, double click, properties are on the right and I’ll change the work order number. Now I am ready to begin tracking time in the timesheet or with barcodes. I’ve got a ready-made list of tasks that came from that other job. Click one, properties show up on the right-hand side where I can perform some project management. Or set up the properties for this job.

Let’s go over to Home (All Views) and see a list of all the jobs that are currently in Standard Time. The list is here on the left, this is the job I just created with properties on the right. You can right click on any job and see a context menu for all the things you can do with that job. When you’re finished with a job you probably should go over to the active choice and change this to No, I’ll double click-that changes it to No and you notice the icon is gray. I’ve just decommissioned this project.

There you have it. Very simple way to create a new job in Standard Time. In future videos we will go into tracking time and materials to jobs including scanning barcodes to start and stop a timer and entering time and materials into a timesheet.


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