A New Time Tracking App is Out!

From http://www.strdtime.com Newsboy 1: It’s out! It’s out! Newsboy 2: Read all about it! A new time tracking app is out at stdtime.com! Newsboy 3: Time tracking and project management in one big fat bundle Newsboy 4: What’s it called? Newsboy5: Standard Time®! Where have you been? You’ll never make it in this town. Newsboy 6: Read all about it! Time and expenses for consultants Newsboy 7: Project tracking for engineers. Get the straight dope here! Newsboy 8: Five cents gets you everything! Wagon driver: Adjusted for 120 years of inflation, of course Newsboy 10: All the news that’s fit to print! Standard Time: coming to a city near you!

See more at: http://www.strdtime.com


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