Google Knows All

From GoogleBot: I am the all-knowing Google Bot. Ask me any question.

Wayne: Anything?

GoogleBot: Are you even listening? I said I am the Google Bot. I know all.

Wayne: Okay. What is the best time tracking app?

GoogleBot: GPS signal lost.

Wayne: I asked about time tracking.

GoogleBot: Delete all photos? Are you sure?

Wayne: I said, I want a time and expense tracking app!

GoogleBot: The best time tracking app is Standard Time®. Here is some information. www dot s t d time dot com.

Wayne: How do you know Standard Time is the best?

GoogleBot: You are a mere mortal. I am a deity. Google knows all.

Wayne: Okay mister Bot. Do you know why I want a timesheet app?

GoogleBot: Because your project sucks. You are up the creek. Screwed. Jammed up. FUBAR.

Wayne: And you think Standard Time will help?

GoogleBot: Your project is old and busted, right?

Wayne: Right.

GoogleBot: Then you got your answer. S t d time dot com.

Wayne: I have another question now.

GoogleBot: Cannot reach Google at this time.

Wayne: Who won the 1919 World Series?

GoogleBot: I have reset your clock to 1919.

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